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WORTH THE WAIT: Tom Llamas reports on some of the health care workers who left their own families for the front lines of the COVID-19 fight and are now reuniting with children who have been waiting for the day they come home. https://abcn.ws/38dg760 #AmericaStrong


From: https://www.facebook.com/ABCNews/videos/645288066337022/

Thank you health care workers

beautiful and thank you for all you do for ours and yours

I mean, they got paid for it, it's their job....


I mean, they got paid for it, it's their job....

we took pay cuts, actually. Benefits temporarily removed, as well.

Gracias a Dios que han podido reunirse de nuevo

Andrea Egner-Hanslin Hannah Hanslin

Ryoshi is it your job?

Dani Kozak Joy so have many others... that's when you get another job.... 👍👍👍

Dani Kozak Joy you laugh, but you're the one with PAY CUTS, NO BENEFITS, and still working there... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ryōshi Hiyaku what the hell? There’s always one...what have you sacrificed through all this?

Way to be the one hateful person to muck up a healthcare appreciation post. I’m glad to be serving my community where needed. Stay well- you sound like you’re not a fan of us. 🖤

Dani Kozak Joy I'm a fan of EVERYONE, not of a particular group and definitely not of a group that requires regular Ego stroking...

Ryōshi Hiyaku you’re not a fan of me, apparently. 😉

Dani Kozak Joy I'm a fan of human beings not needing fans!

Dani Kozak Joy we all have jobs, do the job you have... end of story..

Ryōshi Hiyaku will do. Bully on.

Dani Kozak Joy I'm sorry, I missed the memo that said GROWN UPS get gold stars and brownie badges???

Ryōshi Hiyaku and you risked your life to help people??

Candy Brown Decker yeah, if you're outside in a GLOBAL Pandemic you risk your life... that's why people are dying, have you figured out that's how this works... smh.

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