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This virus is serious and should not be taken lightly RSS

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Patsy Ann Perez what???

Celena McDonnell Or to press a questionable crusade. Hollywood and athletes should never be used for policy making. They live artificial lives and the ones that they do use ...have usually already SOLD their souls.

Joshua Vance and I will say the same thing to you, you obviously don’t know anyone who died from the virus or you would not have the attitude you have either.

Patricia Parker those that have survived will need extensive medical treatment for the rest of their lives. You never fully recover.

Tammy Dillon yes they are

Kent Backford and this is why the biology class was important!!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Craig Mauler wow, just wow you’re ignorance is astounding!!!!!!

Joseph Blaney Jr oh he apologized! The rapist is sorry.

Patricia Parker true, but way too many have died.

Joshua Vance up yours lady? lmao

stfu you moron

JP Italish the both of you are idiots.

Makes sense he lives in a county in Jersey with very high rates of the virus.

Sara Berry Welp I guess it's best to attempt to read Non partisan news. I like do get both sides.

Chris Williams what an ignorant statement.

One of the first rules of being safe from coronavirus is don't listen to Trump

Kent Backford can you not read? Your own link shows the flu killed 60k people over 12 months last year. Covid has killed 90k in 4 months. Reading is good, you should try it.

Joshua Vance And like I’ve said for now the third time so you may want to clean your ears out, if she did have someone who passed from the virus, she wouldn’t be making the statement she’s making. I’m not sure what part of that statement are you not comprehending

Lisa Filippini so you're not a lady

Patrick,you need a hat trick,to give COVID 19 a good kick!!. Sorry Sir I am praying for a speedy recovery. 😇🙏💖🇯🇲✍

Varla Henahan What about the millions who have died world wide of other sickness and diseases since November 2019? Can we remember them too please???🤔

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Categories Threads

This virus is serious and should not be taken lightly RSS

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