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This virus is serious and should not be taken lightly RSS

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Josh Baker Im pretty sure 2 republicans just chased down a black man in Georgia last week and killed him.

Patrick be well. Sending love and concern❤️

Paul Bonbrest Amen! Stay safe!

Mike Covington I never stopped living life. Not once. It was actually nice being able to go out without all the jerks and ableists.

Ronny Munoz is that your fancy bean counting math that 99.2 percent live and you dont take out the nursing's homes of people that should have never been exposed and they are in their 90's. that is your data? wow ....smfh

Here is a list of flu deaths by the year worldwide.

Compare that to worldwide deaths for corona virus 337,572.

Now tell me how bad it is.

Actual GOP death panels

Georgette Haddad my goodness how wonderful of our Canadian neighbors. We envy you as you have a wise and kind leader.

William Flores-Lemus you just figuring that out? Ok

Prayers for complete healing 🙏

Michael MacNeill Millions of people die every year from other sickness and diseases. COVID 19 adds to that now unfortunately. Still, are we to understand now that we are going to die when we leave our homes of ONLY COVID 19???


We can die from hundreds of other reasons as well. We are not immortal.

Ronny Munoz you are now a fb world expert....wow....you are Einstein

Brian Nichols not in the least. You have no consideration for anyone so why would you care.

Kevin Hall u r on the wrong page..evilness

Patricia Parker you obviously don’t know anyone who died or you wouldn’t have the attitude that you have

How much money? I'm interested.

Patsy Ann Perez ya silly look at the data it’s a hoax and not a pandemic, most that passed are in nursing homes just like the flu. And drs are agreeing now more will pass from because of the shut down than covid.

Kent Backford thank you Dr. Kent

No it sure isn’t a hoax. Prayers for speedy recovery

It’s not even as bad as influenza. Lol, what a joke.

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Categories Threads

This virus is serious and should not be taken lightly RSS

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