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The response is complex RSS

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“The response is complex. But every day, I walk away from the Emergency Operations Center amazed at what our incredible staff can accomplish and their dedication, motivation, and innovation.”

Dr. Dana Meaney-Delman served as a principal deputy incident manager at CDC for the response to COVID-19. In her previous role, she met regularly with response leadership and task forces to address different facets of the outbreak. Read more about the response, and her journey to public health: https://bit.ly/CDC-Delman.

The response is complex

From: https://www.facebook.com/CDC/photos/a.184668026025/10158182612951026/?type=3

Have you ever noticed that the CDC Facebook page is inundated with fake accounts created by Russian hackers?

I wonder how much Trump and Putin are paying them. Those are jobs that could be going to Americans.



Using a whiteboard? Nah, I am good.

Mike Chopp mike is the new Karen !

Thinking up new ways to push the fear mongering isnt cause for self back slapping.

Hey CDC, what did you do during the N1H1 pandemic?? Oh I forgot Obama was president then and you covered for him and left out all the fear mongering and scorched earth BS !!


USA Russia and China all together came up with the notion of not wasting there stock pile of the biolog bical weapon that it is created from because the Geneva convention disallowed the use of this weapon before it could ever be used on the battlefield the group of super powers had already spent so much time and money investing in the weapon and you could imagine there anticipation to use it these groups of biological weapon experts that knew each other inside each super power like spies or double agents they worked together to figure out a way to make use of the weapon without the Geneva convention interfering with there plans it has been in the works for over 40years and at last has popped out of it's bat cage they put it in now spreading across the world as we text another way the super powers remain the super powers and no smaller government that wasn't in on the deal can possibly deal with the virus

Without consideration of electostatics I would say the response has been a total failure and will continue into the fall after peak lightning

Jerry Lee Jackson Not

Thank you for all you are doing to try to keep everyone safe!

Why does she wear a face mask if she is 6' from anyone?

Thinking up new ways to deny science isn’t a reason to post on Facebook.

Jerry Lee Jackson You must one of those Liberal/ commies !!

Mike Doran what is electrostatics?

'Self employed' AKA welfare recipient

For instance with the solar cycle (high protons from cosmic rays) and new dams in Ethiopia and Iran itself, the electro statics in Iran have been horrific for the virus hence 25 million infected. The failure to require electo static masks (swiffer picker upper material masks) and so forth.

Pamela Barrow Sheffield It's actually a simple concept. It's an airborne virus and can transmit through the air. The mask can filter and catch those particles before they infect others. That's why surgeons wear masks during surgery. It's to minimize the chance for infection.

The virus like dogs is sensitive to the earths magnetic field. Charges will kill it, make it come when it does. 1918 flu also solar min high cosmic ray event

Auntie maybe clone head movie nearby me. Dear abbey is. This. True! Rusty Allen

Today in propaganda...

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Categories Threads

The response is complex RSS

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