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President Trump called Dr RSS

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President Trump called Dr. Anthony Fauci "a little bit of an alarmist" on Sunday as the coronavirus pandemic worsens and the nation's top infectious disease expert urges elected officials to implement more health safety measures.

President Trump called Dr

From: https://cnn.it/2ZIlMyn

Hasn't it gone yet? Just disappeared?

Hey trump, that's his freaking job!

I know you will make things right again Sir. Nobody on the road. Nobody on the beach. I feel it in the air. The summer's out of reach. Empty lake, empty streets, the sun goes down alone. I'm driving by the White House, knowing that you are working hard!



I would just like to say thank you on behalf of the American people to Donald Trump and the entire Trump administration for its lightning quick response to this unprecedented Chinese virus. So much so that most Americans are having an incredibly easy time adjusting to this. Life is not disrupted that much at all considering the circumstances. #Trump2020, #MostPreparedPresident #WeWillBeatTheChineseVirus #ChinaLiedPeopleDied

Make America Great Again!

America is the greatest country in the world! If you don't like it, leave! The only problems are:

New York City


San Francisco

Los Angeles



St. Louis






The Democrats (More than half our population)

Black Lives Matter



The state of Illinois

The state of California

The state of New York

The state of of Oregan

Scratch that, most states have major issues

The politicians


Our educators






Wait...so what makes America great if Trump criticizes all those groups and areas?

Korona virüs ile organ değiştirdi

And most of America calls you a "little bit of an idiot "

Trump is a bit of an idiot.

CNN is fake news and will lose in November 3rd

Trump Highlights

1/6 CDC issues travel advisory for Wuhan.

1/11 CDC tweets about corona related “pneumonia outbreak in China”

1/14 WHO tweets that there is no evidence of human to human transmission.

1/17 CDC started doing health screenings at 3 airports of travelers from China.

1/21 first case in US for someone who traveled directly from Wuhan.

1/23 WHO again says no human to human transmission outside of China.

1/27 WHO raises alert level but is still saying China has it contained.

1/28 CDC states “ While CDC considers covid a serious situation and is taking preparedness measures, the immediate risk in the US is considered low.”

1/29 White House announces Coronavirus Task Force created. Note - this is despite the WHO downplaying the threat!

1/31 Trump bans travel from China.

Media and multiple Democrats slam his decision calling it racist/xenophobic.

2/5 Trump acquitted (impeachment).

2/5 Chuck Schumer in a tweet continues to call Trumps’ travel ban from China “premature.”

2/7 White House’s Coronavirus Task Force gives press briefing.

2/9 White House Coronavirus Task Force meets with all governors regarding virus.

2/12 CDC waiting for approval from Chinese for CDC team to travel to China.

2/18 HHS announces partnership to develop vaccine.

2/21 Italy identifies its very first case in their country.

2/21 CDC tweets that it is working with States for preparedness.

2/24 Trump sent letter to Congress asking for $25B for virus effort.

2/24 Nancy Pelosi made a stop in Chinatown and encouraged people to “please come and visit and enjoy Chinatown.”

2/25 there is still no reported community spread in the US!!! (Per CDC tweet.)

2/27 first community transmission in US.

2/27 Trump appoints Pence to coordinate efforts.

2/29 FIRST reported Covid19 death in US.

It is helpful to look at the actual timeline. All of this happened BEFORE the 1st death in US.

Most of this info is from CDC tweets so anyone can look it up to check for accuracy. There were many more actions in between and since, these are just some highlights.

Biggest A hole of a “president”

Well I just went in there and Hector is gonna be running 3 honda civics with spoon engines. And on top of that he just came into Harry's and ordered three T66 turbos with NOS and a MoTech system exhaust.

This Guy is brain dead

This coming from Dr Trump!!!!!

Chi Shiva trump himself is spreading fake news too

Live your life people. The death rate is only .03%. This is media hype. A virus, like the cold or flu, cannot be cured, we will be living with it for a long long time. Wear a mask and don’t hide in your house.

And you're a whole lot of trying to be a dictator.

Isn't it well past time to be alarmed?

What doesn’t he understand!!!!

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Categories Threads

President Trump called Dr RSS

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