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What a great president we finally have with Donald Trump. Never vote for any of these low down, lying, sponging & tax looting Democrats. Vote Republican

Linda Snyder I remember you saying this 4 years ago. 🤣🤣

Thank you Trump for taking over the Covid numbers from hospitals padding the bills. What else are they padding? Must be the numbers.

Jo Epperson how tho ?

Do nothing and blame, that's the trump way

We are bigger than trump

You guys are seriously unbelievable!

he is using MAGA again, because he knows KAG isn't working. OK folks, it will be MAGA when you vote him out! Yes I am watching from Canada, but it's still a valid point!

The president is protecting Americans rights.

I wish four more years for Trump

I love Pompeo ❤️

Todd Obrien false. Democrats try to stop this sooner but republicans wanted the economy to continue by avoiding the mandate and lockdown. Also, Democrats are fighting for us right now. They want to extend the 600$ assistance to all people, but republicans like Mitch McConnell only want to focus on 40,000$ income individuals.

Yes. If our government is unwilling to make lifesaving decisions it’s up to all of us as Americans to do what’s right to end this pandemic. Not Democrats, not Republicans but Americans. Time to put our differences aside and come together in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Aww you're retarded 😂

Get the hell off my news feed,Fake News!

Margaret Pinzone doesn’t it feel good to have that freedom or you need more govt

Trump doesn't want the job, he just wants the title...😠

The federal government only exists to Trump want scam it out of money. He doesn't care about America people. Your children, your grandparents or parents can die and doesn't mean much to him.

Susan Rice good try. Biden for president

Laugh. The citizens voted for him. Now Live with it. You are a joke to the world

Your country needs to lead as your president isn't.

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Categories Threads

President Donald J RSS

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