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Kat Nelms right, im not arguing just asking a simole question. I can see youre so brainwashed into hating someone tho you can't answer a simple question. Karma? Lmfao, karma for what?

CNN you're a joke...it's no wonder you have such low ratings.

Catherine Danielson then stay at home at least

Some people really need to educate them self’s instead of Being sheep and believing everything you read. Might want to do your own research so you don’t sound so uneducated in your comments. No wonder we are having issues 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

Trump's biggest mistake was this year telling each governer manage the pandemic according to theyre state based on they're knowledge in which they were elected, the ones that failed , blamed him 🤨🙄

Paul Lawrence claiming to not being hostile in a hostile comment, priceless.

Thank God our country has his leadership, God bless him and our great coutry.

Bull crap. The President is doing fine. It is the traitors of the media and Democrat horde who distort. Rot in hell.

Gil Montalvo We need leadership and a national strategy for combating the virus.

On a bright side , he has improved his golf skills tremendously!

Amazon is booming with business right now thanks to this plague

Of course it could happen in any US city. Preventing the CDC from advising the populace and keeping covid statistics within the government and not public, and what he's having done in Portland with unidentified somethings in camo using unmarked cars to wisk peaceful protesters off the streets, he has crossed the line. This is what the US goes into other countries to remove dictators for. This is America now. The Republican Senate allowed it to happen. He is no longer a wannabe. We are living, not in a democratic republic, but in a dictatorship. Both Portland's Mayor and Oregon's Governor have told them to get out, told Trump to call off his dogs, to no avail.

All as he stands by doing nothing as hundreds of thousands of Americans die from a disaster of his own doing.

We need the United Nations to stop him.

This has to be a 2nd grader. He is the President? Right? Of what is supposedly the strongest country in the world! Then explain how eg. India has 26 000 deaths and USA has 143 000.

Pat Todd I think he falls under both you know the only thing of can't and we'll don't live here couldn't would but didn't and won't

In fact, some governors are actually trying to stop cities and counties from regulating themselves - at the apparent behest of our president. I'm looking at you, #briankemp

Nope. The EU is scrambling to find the cash to pay for their economic shutdown. New Zealand is marginally an industrialized nation and imports almost everything; that's why they were barely affected economically. Sweden and South Dakota got it right. 45 states have a U6 unemployment rate over 20%, and that's simply inexcusable. Let's keep in mind that the attacks on Sept. 11 were about savaging our economic might. Economic stability is national security, and it's far past time for the president to lead with national security orders to prevent a quaint trip back to the 1930's. Any governor that refuses to rescind all emergency orders ought to be remanded and sent to the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay as a threat to national security. It doesn't matter if it's unpopular; it's the correct course of action. Mr. President, get it done.

The stores don’t give to sheets to the wind for their employees Really !? . 🤨🧐🇺🇸🗽👎😼

Jose Rodriguez common sense like injecting disinfectant!!! Yeah right you keep telling yourself that makes sense and by all means don’t wear a mask Darwin will take good care of you.

What is expected of him? When it first started, he said he will take charge, and Democratic Governors had a caniption fit. Saying the Stats have control, and will do it, that Trump has no authority over the states. Which is it? You cannot have it both ways.

Greg Hooper The states had to fend for themselves. Don’t know what you are rambling about.

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President Donald J RSS

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