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Ricardo Tomasi Yes, go Trump--as fast and as far away as possible!

Shea Nelson wow dude! Karma! I’m not gonna argue with ignorance!

Lee Dison are you hoping to go to the same rubber room with him when the men in the little white coats come and get him are you going with him

Come election just remember it was not only trump responsible for it all. The Republicans had the chance to remove him and didn't do it.

C A Blue Cullison He said, "Some people had the sniffles" and now he wants to ignore it.

Greg Hooper He doesn’t deserve any credit! He is not leading us. He’s an idiot!

David Ochs and save America. Biden 2020

Adam Green .. Russian Bot Account Alert

John Gibson something needs to be done before November

Folk's Love president

Fake news CNN, setting records for lies.

If you watch CNN you think America is destroyed and is finished but if you're going anywhere America is beautiful and people are great blacks whites Spanish or asians

Blair Bradley stunning and brave!

Our president is leading! He's fighting very hard for this country

Thank you state leaders, and all stores for trying to keep us safe during this horrible period in American history.

Guille Vega this wasn’t on Fox. We have Walmart’s everywhere so I can see when they stay open and don’t change anything while everyone else’s business is closed down. You must blindly believe Communist News Network if you think any Walmart shut down or lost a dimes worth of business.

Steve Demers How convenient that you left Fox News out of that post. Whatever.

The President is working behind the scenes he’s never at a place where he’s not taking care of business!

Helen Lewis Campbell so who do you think is better?

Robert Gregory Oliver can’t be lies as most of the worlds media have the same narrative as CNN. If you don’t like the narrative best you only stick to watching & reading the Fox New narrative

0 1 2 3 4 ....16 17 18 19 20 ....35 36 37 38 39
Categories Threads

President Donald J RSS

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