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You lying shitbags. Pretty sure that useless swamp rat lying Jeff Zucker couldn't do any better.

So they could continue the social experiment exposing racism.

When did tRump become pro choice? He has federal agents in Portland kidnapping people off the streets. tRump calls peaceful protesters hate groups but refuses to denounce white supremacists who march on our streets chanting death to Jews and murdered a peaceful protester . tRump is constantly violating OUR rights. He sues anyone who writes a book or an opinion article in a newspaper about him. He sues media over reporting the TRUTH. He calls the press the enemy of the people just like Hitler did. He also violated our right to a free and fair election by trying to extort Ukraine to smear his 2020 opponent and when he willingly accepted help from Russia to win in 2016. tRump IS the enemy of the people !

Agree. State TV (Fox News) is truly very very bad media, with sheep following.

Like they’ve been doing from day one ? Brilliant 😐

His response to the pandemic will be regarded as the most inept, incompetent, disastrous example of failed Presidential leadership in American history. No plan, no focus, no vision. Nothing. And because of this catastrophe of Trump's making, he is going to be wiped away by a tsunami as big if not bigger than Ronald Reagan's in 1980. His collapsing Presidency will usher in an era of progressive politics for the next decade at least, just like Reagan's victory in 1980 ushered in decades of conservative rule for at the past 30 years. Trump has effectively destroyed the Republican party. It will be interesting to see how they dig themselves out of this hole in the coming years.

Paul Lawrence the only division was white people hating him because he was black. You never ever saw him give a speech calling racists very fine people. You're a republitard.

Renee Anette Nohren you have to be kidding

THANK CHINA INSTEAD OF BLAMING TRUMP. this virus is in EVERY COUNTRY..why doesnt CNN do some news on that

Anyone with half a brain who spend even a few hours exploring his past, in particular the people who knew him very well and their very clear takes on him, would have understand the absolute disaster that would unfold. If people think that a new president will be the solution to regain world respect they are mistaken. It will take decades, if ever. Meanwhile China is starting to move right along, while Trump's USA, in many respects a mirror image of 1930's Germany ( Miller is his Goebbels), continues in a downward spiral..tens of thousands dead and it IS ON HIM. Criminal Negligence Causing Death.

Glad businesses are taking the lead

Shopping is more comfortable when I know everyone is being safe and wearing masks

I won’t go Anywhere they don’t

The economy will do better if we all pitch in

We are still voting for Donald Trump in November 2020 for another four years of Trump presidency. Keep making America great.

Beau Nelson just gotta ignore the Russian Trolls!!The ones that paid a bounty on our American soldiers!!F%#ING POS!!

Lee Dison I bet u would suck his little orange teetee to lop

Nothing but more Demo BS to make u think Trump isnt doing his job . They Want you mad so youll vote for the demos. Dont believe the stunts the demos are pulling as its going to get worse before election time and then...AFTER ELECTION IT WILL BE GONE.

CNN is evil propaganda.

Susan Rice go talk to the doctors and nurses plus other medical services. Bet the would give you an earful. Go outside and sneeze into the sunlight. I hated this mask too then I sneezed/cough kinda senario. while talking with my husband. Sad how people at the beginning of this horded the toilet paper, were you one of those too?

Jim Mullins and yet here you are , looking like an idiot

Not leading! That's total BS! Thanks to the President vaccines are being fast tracked in record time! Everyone agrees only a vaccine will bring an end to the virus!

Lee Dison he’s bought and paid for

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President Donald J RSS

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