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No, people having kids like you while they're on drugs is the real problem.

.0001% of the worlds population has died from covid-19. 100% of this is pandemic is a hoax.

How are Democrat mayors trying to save their cities by not allowing the president to help engage the violent and destructive Marxist radicals? White Marxist radicals have hijacked Black Lives Matter to sully it's message. The Black community needs to stand up and rebuke these people by force if need be.

It's like he's actually tearing at the flesh of what is America.

Hamilton Lant yea because the Chinese plague hasn’t destroyed the world’s economy lol. Biden will make it even worse lol

China for Biden

This is literally the worst news agency in existence.


Trump's doctors just had him take a dementia test, and Trump is bragging that he aced it. Why was the test done if Trump is doing ok upstairs?

Adam Fowler pro tip #2: if he were a responsible adult and a proper president he would have been leading the country through this.

We are dealing with three pandemics.Covid-10,Trump-16 and Dems-20‼️

Keep selling that victimhood. You're doing great

Very sad what has happened to America under this pathetic man! November is coming.

He is fighting for our country and your children's future! Open your eyes people! CNN is despicable!

Simply unstoppable and always winning for America and its people! 👊🏻💪🏻🇺🇲

Seyah Jae

Vote blue for killing cops, burning cities, more gun control, open borders, forced unemployment, higher taxes, the corrupt/incompetent federal government controlling your medical care, males competing in female sports, antifa and BLM.

What is wrong with this man?

Hamilton Lant The economy and unemployment rate would be bad right now because on Covid-19. Dems don’t want it to get better untill the next Democratic President

CNN is fake news who listens to them

Ioan Peptenar 140K dead Americans under Trump’s watch would disagree. He’s a complete failure.

I think he’s doing a good job. It gets old listening to people complain about it.

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Categories Threads

President Donald J RSS

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