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Susan Rice I think you mean Fox News

We are still voting for Donald Trump in November 2020 for another four years of Trump presidency. Keep making America great.

People should not need the government to tell them to wear a mask

Just saying

Lyle Santure you have to be kidding me 🙄

The doctors couldn't believe it, they said nobody passes the test like you did 😆😆

Daniel Gallegos me too...how you doing...you can add me

Shameful con man trump has failed as a leader and many people will die because of his lack of leadership and testing materials and PPE. Trump is a failure and an idiot and a pathetic narcissist a traitor and a racist

He is leading just not dictating as the left wants.

Jeremy Kochel you know what would feel good? If it were Nov 4th. Party at my house🍾🥂

CNN winey baby, unprofessional commentators, worst network ever. #Trump2020Landslide 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Deputy Fife has been the president for 3.5 years..its time to take his bullet back

We are on our own.. we have no leaders. Especially this incompetent pos

Will he do something if someone in his family gets it an dies? Who will he blame?

First CNN slams the President for taking the lead fighting the China virus, saying he needs to step back and let the "experts" destroy our country.

Now they're praising corporations for "taking the lead" because they're caving to liberal fear mongering.

Lily Ely Yeah, dump tRump! 💙💯

Margaret Valdes, we will absolutely have Trump. You cannot stop US. Burn your flags and hate America all you want but WE will not give up freedom without a fight.

Its like the USA is w/o a president at all

I typed Trumps name on an anagram app and it spit out this, Man plod turd. His name is a clue to his sowing BS 🤔

All countries around the world can control their citizens and the people patiently follow the protocol given to prevent further spread of the virus...violators are subject to fine and imprisonment but nobody is conducting protests and rallies.... this is a big dismay America who is known to be advance and one of the top country can't unfortunately control the situation....😢😢😢

Lee Dison cool, I'm voting kanye

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Categories Threads

President Donald J RSS

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