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President Donald J. Trump isn't leading America much as its pandemic worsens. But that's not stopping Walmart along with Kroger, Kohl's, and city and state leaders and officials from making the tough decisions that the President has shirked, writes CNN's Stephen Collinson

President Donald J

From: https://cnn.it/3jnVd9p

The economy under Trump - 14.7% unemployment. Worst since the Great Depression.

Under Obama -

4.5% unemployment. Greatest recovery since the Great Depression.

It's simple math 😂



Take Back America

Should masks be required everywhere in public?

□ Yes. I trust the scientists.

□ No. I'm ignorant.

Pro tip: As a responsible adult, you should have never been waiting on him to "lead" you to begin with. smh

Come on November 3rd!

CNN needs to change their name they have two N’s in it

That’s double racist

Trump literally IS the problem.

Trump is doing an outstanding job on Corona

It’s been these failed Democrat Governors like Andrew Cuomo who wrote an Executive order sending sick corona patients to Nursing homes

This caused tens of thousands of our Elderly Citizens to be killed

Democrats have been horrible at dealing with Corona

BLUE TSUNAMI 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 NOV 3

We've been on our own since day 1.

He’s like to declare a national emergency in November so he can remain in office...watch out!

How does one save one self from the air Biden has no magic answer either !

His incompetence is no longer surprising. What's surprising is that he still has so many enablers for his incompetence.

After reading this article- tRump be like hold my BigMac and starts tweeting his mumbo-jumbo

Incompetent buffoon is incompetent. News at eleven.

Worst president in history

Brieft he doesn't make America great again , he made America pathetic and comedy country between the Advanced and retarded countries .

Hamilton Lant I fortunately I have to vote for biden as well even though I don’t want too

Propaganda in progress. Please stand by.

He's leading for sure and it is the bad Media, you know CNN changing the real truth and the sheep following!

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Categories Threads

President Donald J RSS

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