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Media briefing on COVID-19 RSS

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Media briefing on COVID-19

Media briefing on COVID-19

From: https://www.facebook.com/WHO/videos/683921508934442/

The way this disease is behaving it means nothing can save us not our wealth, education,money your post in government nothing it is only you God who intervine

We are 2gether on the fight againist COVID 19 sensitising people to protect themselves. From Zambia.

We will never understand why and why this happened....relying on the ultimate power..God's power!

Kindly requesting from WHO to focus much on poor countries such Afghanistan for delivery of COVAX

Infection prevention and control programmes is not well designed and it's an essential part of fight against COVID-19 Pandemic, what measures are going to be taken to address the issue from WHO.

Only lacture and explanation totally no work only making full of mentally diseases

Watching from Jupiter 😏 our planet is safe everybody welcome

When this finish pandemic disturbance to the world They are not supporting individual

He asked a great question about under-reporting and she seems to be side stepping it!

YOU are alive today due to the work medical science has done. Please appreciate this work

&*&&-:';" The most difficult Pandemic to control is the--'" People Pandemic---Difficult People who do not want to follow Guidelines given. ". ( Nairobi-- 'Kenya - Watching. )***

I trust these people who have worked on keeping us all safe - moreso than the people who have no experience.

Shut up and listen.

Well said Dr MIKE

This is mass bullying of the world...event201 plandemic

Best wishes to all from Canada 🇨🇦 - we are NOT out of danger - for 2 weeks we've had the highest # of new cases...daily

That would be a good idea to have a vaccination certificate

All are stay safe and Have a personal health care and make a personal cookl food ok.it's good ❤️❤️❤️👍

such a sad situation we all got this earth in. I pray that going forward we do better and I realize this in not our first pandemic but this one could have been prevented.

An ongoing open dialogue is critical. We should know EVERYTHING. I think a common phrase is 'the good, bad & ugly

Malaysia is doing great job to fight with this Covid-19 pandemic. Hope all is well soon.

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Media briefing on COVID-19 RSS

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