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Learn how to safely clean RSS

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Learn how to safely clean store-bought fruits and vegetables during the COVID-19 pandemic. https://bit.ly/2VzvMHW.

Learn how to safely clean

From: https://www.facebook.com/CDC/videos/289678512446643/

Soak in Cold water and vinegar. Then rinse.

If people don’t already know they need to do this then idk what to say 🤦‍♀️ been washing produce since I was a little girl

I wash everything except lettuce with a very light (lotion free) foaming soap and rinse super well. Always have, long before covid. This includes citrus, hard squashes, etc even if I don't plan to eat the skin. Lettuce is rinse thoroughly.

That's it? The virus is killed with water? Good to know

I always wash them long before virus was around

Charles Barnes Yeah, they must not have washed their fruits and vegetables 🙄 Stay on topic Brad.

I Always used white vinegar solution

I have always washed with simple water. Still do.

Emily Kathleen really off subject!!! Not bad considering that’s between May and July in several thousand daycares in California!!!

Renée Girard I also wash everything. I use dishwashing liquid Everything rinses off well. Done it for months. Harder fruits I scrub some.

Who said this virus is killed by water??

Carol Eliza I already do that😊

Yay. Let's get you a sticker. Some people don't know. There are a whole host of people, be them college kids, recently divorced men, what ever that are on their own for the first time. Information is not the enemy, ok?

Stan Johnson did you read what the CDC said about washing fruits and vegetables during the covid19 crisis? Just water.

Why are you guys getting no respect from the WH? Why did HHS take over the data?

Simone Monique Brittney Martina

They said just use water. They did not say that water kills the virus. You said that.

Stop the farce. Drain the CDC swamp!

1 part vinegar 4 parts water, soak for 10 minutes. Rinse well. It is amazing the dirst that comes off fruit and veggies.

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Categories Threads

Learn how to safely clean RSS

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