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It's been a month of harrowing milestones set across the country RSS

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Wendy Booth Sadly, Trump was dealing with an attempt to usurp him when the event started, then Democrat-supported protests regarding Democrat-controlled law enforcement to spread the virus as rapidly as possible. Hard to fight a pandemic when your opponents are doing everything in their power to cripple you.

What right wing pundit started this "don't wear a mask, they are abusing your rights" stuff? That person needs to be jailed and fined for creating multiple deaths.

Brian Audette I guess! Though, I do enjoy a spar every now and then! 30+ years in the medical field here, with 3+ years post-graduate work. Gotta love the internet medical experts.

Carl Gustaf the generations behind us 🤦🏻‍♂️

Adrian Wood so you support a guy who literally has been in Washington DC for 45+ years and only managed to hurt the black population by putting more of them in jail. So I stick with my guy and watch you cry

Corey Johnson

You are wrong!

300 sites that had 5 or fewer tests.

herd immunity taking over

Joe Francetic yeah, it's the testing that kills people......

Kathy Burke proof that all the scared little sheep are being manipulated by the fear mongering media; and the reaction to this for 5 months is just another political hoax!

Rebekka Austin please where am I wrong again

Prissy Miller at doing absolutely NOTHING!

Brian Audette I've now cited reputable studies.

Your comments have been ridiculous pithy idiocy - you have been exposed for an ideologue who does not actually look at the empirical information.

Go ahead and continue to hold on to incorrect and anti-reality views - you are entitled to be wrong on scientific understanding although people will call you out on your obliviousness.

Fine by me. This is, after all, a free country

Prissy Miller are you crazy? Look at other countries he is the reason the pandemic is a mess

Rita Duke we are talking about a death rate keep up pls ... and we have a vaccine for the flu and it still kills ppl

Wes Neal


Trump built a record economy, record GDP and record low unemployment before China infected the world.

Why would anyone vote for a 78 year old dementia who is locked up in his basement?

Pat Mac where you getting your facts ? Your president ? Listen to the health experts and hospital staffs and in fact the gop govenors from the states where it's out of control. Just a reminder that a fact borders are closed in canada for Americans by canada not by your president why because we listen to our health experts. Whose the real snowflake now

There will be a miracle shortly after the election and the MSM loses again

Prissy Miller in what world?

Mark Hullander oh that bs again when your king has been ruining it but no not my trump king. You trump worshippers are brain blind brainwashed stpd.

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Categories Threads

It's been a month of harrowing milestones set across the country RSS

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