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It's been a month of harrowing milestones set across the country RSS

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Prissy Miller stop doing drugs please

Elisa Wilson not if they die after testing. Noone should be dying had trump done his job

Peter Dyer terrorist from ANTIFA, reported.

Dave Garuccio the ole bs trump worshipper with his bs trump terms again.

Sohn T Collum if you read CDC, you would know the flu doesn't kill more. If you don't understand why a vaccine, it's not worth anyone's time to try and educate you on how medicine or public health works.

Prissy Miller you are out of your mind...😶🙄😏

POS POTUS Don the Con trump and his NYC crime family.

Barbara Farrington Do you think it's trumpsters looting and riding and tearing down the statues throughout the cities of the United States?

What do you think it's mostly trumpsters on college campuses now that are throwing parties intentionally trying to spread it all of a sudden Republicans are college attendees

Look at the equipment these healthcare worker's have to wear all day !!! ...and people are complaining about wearing a mask for a short period of time...sad !

Mike Boccuzzi Trump is a communist at heart

John Jake Avila some died.

CNN you suck it's easy to criticize but you have no solutions all you do is spread hate and lies. All you want is for America to fail if that happens you will be out of business. You bad mouthed our President when he closed the borders in January saying it shouldn't be done now you flip flop like you always do and say he didn't do it quick enough. If your so smart and high and mighty what would you have Done? All you do is spew hate and lies without any repercussions. You should try being a true news station oh but then you would have to be honest and truthful something that is out your scope!

Samantha Sauri delusional

Jer Caray it hit those states first. The others are catching up real quick

Anthony Keefer you want to see the country ruined if Biden wins it’s over he has nothing to offer except taking other people’s money

Ralph Burns look up New York nursing home mandate dated 3/25/20... Might change your perspective if you do just ten minutes of research

Please believe that Jesus Christ suffered, shed his blood for the forgiveness of your sins on the cross.

Believe Jesus Chist died on the cross,was buried and arose from the dead three days later.

Believe that without a personal relationship with Jesus as your savior ,that upon death you will end up in Hell until The Day Of Judgment.

On that day you will stand before God and give an account for all your sins . After you are judged you will be cast into The lake Of Fire And Brimstone for all eternity.

Please heed The Gospel Message Of Jesus Christ before it's too late.

James Roule 140,000 isn't a small number....

Danny Layaou and if they argued that, they'd be wrong. Wearing a mask to prevent the spread of a virus that we don't know much about (did you hear a pregnant woman gave the virus to her unborn child? They didn't think that could happen) is not taking away your freedom and anyone who thinks that doesn't know what freedom is

Yvette Negron-Correa I am a healthcare worker and taken care of a plethora of patients. Seen the worst of them to stable ones.... I stand by what I said and there are many other health workers that feel the same way. Protect yourself and take precautions. I’m all for that. But to live in fear and promote that fear... that I can’t support.

0 1 2 3 4 ....15 16 17 18 19 ....33 34 35 36 37 38
Categories Threads

It's been a month of harrowing milestones set across the country RSS

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