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It's been a month of harrowing milestones set across the country RSS

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Gil Montalvo get someone to read to you.

Teri Smith Poduval over 60% of covid deaths come from those 8 states


Ashley Faller masks don't protect you from contracting the virus, they do little to keep people from spreading it. Democrats and fake news's solution is to keep the economy shut down and force everyone to stay indoors, which would cause the economy and country to collapse. Trump gets voted out, Biden gets voted in. End of lockdown.

Elisa Wilson those are Trumpsters

Thanks to Trump and many idiots.

Pat Mac you got it - CNN uses "pick and choose" statistics. Nothing about deaths because it doesn't fit the fear mongering mode. Also don't understand how NYC, after all those BLM demonstrations hasn't seen a spike in cases, and is into phase 4 opening. Maybe because they haven't tested people like Florida, Arizona, Texas, etc.

Jose Rodriguez the death rate is starting to rise again.

604000 worldwide. 143000 in us

Jeannine Larson Thats all you got.?😅

Sohn T Collum 8% based on completed cases. But 3.7% isn't a 99% survival rate.


So again. Why aren't deaths tracking with cases? The incubation argument was over a week ago. Face it. CV is proven to be not so deadly. 30 children. Far more then that die every year to the flu. Grow the hell up people. The rest of the world is moving on with life. This is now that hoax Trump told use what the press would turn it into.

Mark Hullander look and youll see thevproof but oh wait my trump king says otherwise and you call me brainwashed. You dpsht trump worshippers are infatuatedly brainwashed with all the bs your king says. Yea Ill listen to the experts which your king isnt.

Matthew Heidenreich not frustrated, it's entertaining to see people who didn't even graduate high school think they know the science because they read a couple opinion articles.

Prissy Miller yup great job when almost 25% of death due to covid 19 in the world are in USA. Great job trump

Adrian Wood a children’s cancer charity you must be so proud Gilbert.

Cases don’t equal deaths!

When every town you drive through has a testing sight in the Walmart parking lot, that means people are getting tested, which discovers more cases.

ESPECIALLY if you were tested in Florida, where 300 test sites reported 100% positivity on all their tests!!


Vern Lowe what's there to lie about? While most countries have be in quarantine much longer than America. Your president chose to cry conspiracy (for over a year) instead of protecting his people by making the right decisions.

But a smallllllllll percentage are actually dying

0 1 2 3 4 ....15 16 17 18 19 ....32 33 34 35 36 37 38
Categories Threads

It's been a month of harrowing milestones set across the country RSS

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