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It's been a month of harrowing milestones set across the country RSS

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Pat Mac anecdotes aren’t data. Countries are eliminating covid. USA is surging and overwhelming hospitals. Selfishness and lack of responsibility is keeping us #1

Corey Johnson nope

Just that it’s ironic that all social distancing must be done by those asking for racial justice.

Entire world had protests, but everywhere the cases are going down, why? Because they didn’t made mask wearing political and weren’t going to beaches, bars etc.

Adrian Wood in four more years he will be gone but thank you for helping the ocean levels to rise with yours and others tears.

Roger David Anderson Bahama has just closed its borders also...

Prissy Miller He certainly is.

TB kills 10x as many people

Any other nurses/doctors/RTs wondering what the hell they are doing wheeling a bed out on the sidewalk? Lol...that is one thing I can say I have never done

Samuel Lomo , now that is just hateful. I thought liberals were caring folk! 🤓

More testing = more cases 👉🏼🙄

We should have gotten this guy out of office when we impeached him and now it is too late. We are all dead

Rita DiDolce so in your world you just capitulate to misinformation, then?

Brenda Levasseur nope. It's disgusting and sad that we are not getting the facts about the true numbers

Iggi Gershon however when you keep flipping the script like fauci has, you learn to let natural selection run its course.

Deaths lag behind infection and hospitalizations by about 2-3 weeks - we will start seeing the numbers go up very soon, unfortunately.

BS... spoke to a tracer if 1 person tests positive and they've been around 50 others n the last 2 weeks all 51 are reported as positive without being tested...CNN and all reporting BS #s

When and if the numbers go down...the left will be a nervous wreck

How are the hospitals doing that's all the numbers you need.

Tom Gilbert get off the crack.

Dump Trump in November

I try to not directly reference the elections as I'm not American, but as far as I can see it's the only way things will improve.

To assume Biden a man that has done nothing his whole life would do better than Trump is bizarre. The guy can’t even spell his name and you think he can handle a pandemic?

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Categories Threads

It's been a month of harrowing milestones set across the country RSS

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