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It's been a month of harrowing milestones set across the country RSS

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Laura Kelly most of them killed by Dem leaders 😭

Don Hedger We all know a lie, when we hear one. Fox is the trump new station. I don't waste my time following fox , just to complain. It speaks volumes about the people that do.

Uh more testing is why

No the health experts and scientists. The only people I trust on this whole coronavirus situation we got ourselves into. But go ahead listen to Trump he has been spot on so far right?

All these Trump supporters prove why he is a failure. He can only get the poorly educated to believe him.

Lisa Merrick you're on death's doorstep :-P

Just proves it's not so bad. Deaths are way down. It's time to go back to business as usual!

Matthew Heidenreich take a trip to Arizona, Texas, Florida,or California

Pat Mac yes I personally know a few people that got tested, and tested positive, with no symptoms. Went back to be retested and tested negative. I’ve been seeing a lot of post about that. Way to many false positives.


When you test hundreds of thousands of more people of course the number of new cases are going to go up. Even though you test positive that doesn't mean you are going to get sick or hospitalized. Typical CNN blowing things so far out of proportion.

Brian Audette go ahead and deny facts if it suits you - that is your prerogative of course

Terry Loretto Toms you don’t care about facts either, so it doesn’t matter what you think about my opinion.

Daniel Schoel not a conspiracy theorist. I have had half a dozen friends relate stories of receiving positive results that never were tested in the last week. We have testing sites giving 75-100% positive cases to just turn around and say ooops..my bad it was only 9%. Sorry but I do not have faith in the numbers anymore.

Sad thing to sit here and wonder if this is staged..

Wendy MacLean they want to play Russian Roulette with this virus!

Here's a report from Canada...There have been more new cases in America in the past two weeks then Canada has had in total over the previous six months combined

Each test is not a new case unless they're sick.Stop listening to your fearless and senseless leader.

Jake Ruckus how many people are in China? Cause I’m fairly certain the US doesn’t have 10x the population of China.

Oh look it's lying CNN

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Categories Threads

It's been a month of harrowing milestones set across the country RSS

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