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In some cases, people can spread COVID-19 to pets. But the risk of animals spreading COVID-19 to humans is low. There is no need to abandon or harm pets. Learn more about keeping your pets safe: https://bit.ly/3b9XK1X.

In some cases

From: https://www.facebook.com/CDC/photos/a.184668026025/10158179165726026/?type=3

Every time this post runs another moron dumps a pet.

Sharon Mcknight people don’t feel the need for a reason to dump pets. Their uncaring souls just do it. Don’t blame it on the CDC for doing their job.

Christine Cetnarowski

Isn't that how this all started it jumped from animals to humans?

Now that the CDC has been compromised, Trump has his reward, nobody believes what the CDC reports.

Wait, can I see some footnotes on this please.

Marie Laurin no man made, ask Fauci !

Marie Laurin are you eating your pets?

Marie Laurin not pets, bats and other wild animals. And via eating those animals, not living with them

This is literally the last thing anyone is worried about right now

Katie Goss only if the CDC recommends it.

If it can spread to pets, Is it possible to spread Covid-19 to fish?

Sandra Cristina Barrera

Speak for yourself. I still trust the CDC more than I ever will that buffoon Trump.

Tqmikq. Jmqweehtrs

Low ? Are you sure CDC?

Keeping in mind we still don’t really know who’s is the host animal who spread it to humans in the first place !

Dee Eric conspiracy theory

HaHaHaHa,, So i guess our pets need mask now? What a joke the cdc is..

That’s what I heard and recently heard about a mink farm where just about everyone of the animals tested positive for the virus.

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Categories Threads

In some cases RSS

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