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In March 2020, the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene partnered with NYC emergency departments to determine if the virus that causes COVID-19 was spreading locally. Experts conducted genetic sequencing on specimens that tested positive for the virus to determine where the infections originated. The results suggest probable introductions of the virus from Europe, from other U.S. locations, and local introductions from within New York. Learn more: https://bit.ly/MMWR71620.

In March 2020

From: https://www.facebook.com/CDC/photos/a.184668026025/10158176275116026/?type=3

New York handled it very well to be a new virus. Kudos to the Governor

Makes sense. Cruise hub and other travel

UNDERSTAND. OR TRUMP will block you $ O2 CDC.

Still a China virus !

Valera Zhemchuzhnikov English please?

EJ Tron just like everything else Trump sells... created by Trump, made by China.


How about this is a bacteria and not a virus. Ask the Italians, hmm?

Moot point now. How bout focusing on the present? Get out from behind redfield more. Someone, somewhere needs to take control of this administration's utter lack of a response. We're in deep doo doo and getting deeper.


President Trump has just ordered ALL Hospitals and Governors to report ALL Covid related cases directly to HHS by way of the National Guard! No more CDC involvement! This is BIG! Президент Трамп только что обязал ВСЕ больницы и губернаторов сообщать обо всех случаях, связанных с Ковид, напрямую в ГВС через Нацгвардию! Больше никакого участия ЦКЗ

William Nielsen how about ask the scientists with the microscopes, hmmm?

Tassos Peter Trypanis

Focus on finding the combination of meds to cure this. Russians were working on one... come on move on.

From your mouth to God's ear.

Could someone there please explain to me this? If the covid is so contagious and we are having to wear masks and some wear gloves, where are the bio hazard containers to put them in when we are through with them. Just left Walmart and mask are thrown on the pavement everywhere. This does not make sense to me and I am a retired nurse.RSVP

Jean Thompson most stores have trash cans outside, people are lazy and don’t care.

William Nielsen u have any scientific evidence to support that?

William Nielsen if it was a bacteria then antibiotics would work. Viruses are more complicated and much larger in size and do not respond to treatments made for bacteria.

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In March 2020 RSS

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