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How to clean and sanitize toys RSS

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To help slow the spread of COVID-19, keep these key times in mind for when to clean and sanitize toys and games in your childcare facility.

How to clean and sanitize toys:

- Clean plastic or rubber toys with warm soapy water. Sanitize with EPA-registered disinfectant, rinse, and air dry.

- Launder plush or cloth toys in the washing machine at warmest setting.

- Wipe down electronic or wooden toys with alcohol-based wipe or spray with 70% alcohol.

Toys that cannot be cleaned and sanitized should not be used. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3jgRVEO.

How to clean and sanitize toys

From: https://www.facebook.com/CDC/videos/3124543747638819/

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impossible to keep toddler things sanitized, and the risk is too great to teachers as well as children

Keep our COVID-19 information. Please!!!

Awesome idea and common sense but people will make up reasons not to.

I work in daycare we clean toys wash them with bleach water every day specially now

Should include school supplies and manipulative too.

How do you sanitize books/paper?!?!

Teachers should get a big raise or strike. Teaches go to college for years and are required to teach and babysit 30+ kids? They deserve big money.

this should always be done, even without the coronavirus.

It’ll change in a week or so.

Mike Chopp right..don’t let science stand in the way..go forth with ignorance..

Clarence Hebert so should Walmart employees, nursing home workers, utility workers, daycare employees, and what about the police and firefighters?

Who wasn't cleaning before?

Mike Chopp and replace it with what? Individuals who aren’t scientist and epidemiologist??? Dope...

Randy Hays the "science" has been inaccurate at every single turn. It's a planned narrative....but you are welcome to your opinion.

I would think you should be doing this even on non-Covid times As well as washing your hands and not coughing or sneezing or anyone.

Charlene Nichols throw Nurses in there too!

Lisa Augustyn all healthcare workers.

The President has been wrong at every turn

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Categories Threads

How to clean and sanitize toys RSS

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