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Follow these “do’s”. If you have a child RSS

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Wearing a cloth face covering correctly can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to others. When you go out on essential trips, follow these “do’s”.

If you have a child, remember those under age 2 should not wear a face covering. See https://bit.ly/2R9av5m.

Follow these “do’s”. If you have a child

From: https://www.facebook.com/CDC/videos/2530409987271697/


Yeh 4 months into a pandemic makes sense, only healthy people to ware em🖕🖕

Not proven and most Dr's say it doesn't protect us !!!!

And the numbers keep going up!

Robin Ward Siemon so what does? Hibernation

My heart doctor told me I may NOT want to wear a mask for long periods of time or not at all! I swear you people including doctors, nurse's changing daily almost! Some doctors agree some don't! How in the @#$ do you expect people to know what to do or even believe?? I'll pass and take my chances unless I go in a store for a half second! I'm so angry with our government it's not even funny! I promise whomever is running that's republican will get my vote! Even if it isn't about politics!

Barry Lowe unreal how stupid this response is

Yvonne B Decarlo nothing does its a virus and we need to learn to live with it,, but you can stay home if you like!

And there is the problem in this Country - so sad their so brain dead

The only mask trump & his supporters wears

Wendy Stone ha! What an absolute trash source.

It's all we've got right now! Unless you have the answer to getting the numbers down??😰

Not rioting also slows the spread...

Donna Dotterer I can not wera a mask cause of PTSD & COPD. I haven't left my home since Feb. So there you go. I back up what I say. Bye

Vernie Wilhite, Jerry Wilhite. Good page to follow

Whatever you've done your whole life especally winter🤦‍♀️

Donna Dotterer I will not take any chances with my life or others. I can not wear a mask so I have stayed home. I do care about others.

Barry Lowe and even dumber reply. Keep them coming

Most people where I live dont wear a mask so I wear a KN95 to protect myself.

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Categories Threads

Follow these “do’s”. If you have a child RSS

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