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Coronavirus covid-19 close contact detection App RSS

National Health Commission of China has launched an app that aims to stem the spread of the coronavirus, it is supposed to inform people if they have come into contact with the covid-19 and could be at risk for contracting it.

Dubbed the "close contact detector," the app is designed to let users know if they're at risk of contracting the disease based on how close in proximity they've been to someone who's infected or suspected of being infected while traveling on planes, trains or buses.

Close contact refers to someone who has come in close distance, with no effective protection, with confirmed cases, suspected cases or mild cases while the person was ill or showed asymptomatic cases in the following conditions.

To check their status, users scan a QR code on their smartphone using apps such as Alipay, WeChat or QQ. After the app is registered with the phone, users are directed to enter their name and ID number. Every registered phone can then be used to check the status of three other ID numbers.


The app was jointly developed by the General Office of the State Council, the National Health Commission and China Electronics Technology Group Corporations, with support from several Chinese government departments.

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