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A truckload of 1,800 paintings RSS

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A hospital in Brooklyn received a special delivery this week during the coronavirus pandemic: a truckload of 1,800 paintings, one for every employee, each representing a flower. The paintings were created and donated by Los Angeles-based artist Michael Gittes.

800 paintings

From: https://cnn.it/3fIL1Gz

This has to be trumps fault

45 is the worst president in the history of the United States I mean he blamed every single person there is for every little thing he takes no responsibility has no Integrity whatsoever he is a horrible example of what the president of the United States should be

Painting? How bout you givem a dam raise and some stimulus checks

Good Morning Democrat CNN Sheeple

I just have one simple question for Trump's sycophantic supporters and then I'll be on my way.

⭕Do you believe that the Predator Donald J Trump is a pedophile because he raped a 13 year old child in 1992 and because of his association and good friendships with Jeffrey Epstein and the child pimp Ghislaine Maxwell?

Thank you Trump for taking over the Covid numbers from hospitals padding the bills. What else are they padding? Must be the numbers.

Zindzi Brewster made me think of you. Hope your doing well.

Why wasting them? You have donated some paintings even for "killer doctors" and be sure that there are plenty at Brooklyn hospital.

A lot of work , what is the use

But you didn't donate something important like blood, while you were there?

Well now that you mention it yes. The virus would have never gotten as bad as it did with a competent President.

Chinese News Network...💩💩💩

Dan Wills greatest President ever 😂😂 only in the minds of inbreeders.

Jacquie Montenegro troll... this profile has 8 friends.

We all should give a little love. And have a little hope. And try to make this world a little better. There is so much strength in kindness...

Why, some entitled racist is going to destroy it with BLM graffiti

Dan Wills sad old man trump's day's are numbered that MF is going down

Ok how does that help o can they put it over there face to stop the spread of covid-19

William Wall another 🧠 dead trump cult member

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A truckload of 1,800 paintings RSS

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